Monday, August 2, 2010


Graduated and uninspired.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Leadership Theology

Sometimes when you roll into port with a heavy fog, once the fog burns off you realize how you arrived all tumbled about like an ocean stone.

For the greater good of all
Awaken the dreamer
Speak your truth
Live heart centric
Connection to the source
Right livelihood

Grounded in right
connected to the source,
living heart centric daily,
always speaking truth,
awakening the dreamer,
for the greater good of all.
-hiphop namaste

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have a heart that feels like velvet.


Sunday, February 21, 2010


When I invite the pain in, I just feel really really angry. I am simultaneously grateful for my entire beautiful tapestry of meaningful relationships in life and very volatile too. And again I am reminded to look up. Again. It is so easy to unexpectedly fall down on the ice. The moon is half. Initiation is over. Time to re-calibrate and settle into the waxing light.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Global Heart

"Invite the pain in and bring it to circle so that we can be a part of that transformation."
- Rev. Claudia Roblee

Finally I have emerged from the deep silence that was left in the interim of time since my last blog post in 2009. I have been carefully reflecting upon the life lessons of the winter season experienced thus far internally and externally. I kept finding myself wanting to share pieces of my journey to peace yet having trouble finding the motivation and words that I deemed worthy enough to broadcast over the internet. My friend Djaloki spoke of a time that there would be a shift in collective consciousness of humanity and that time he has spoken of is now. Djaloki is a co-founder of Wisdom Circle Ministries along with Rev. Claudia Roblee. He is also a resident of Haiti and sent the following message that was shared with the prayer circle on Tuesday that shook me out of my apathy. Below are his words that I felt moved to share with you.

Wisdom from Djaloki's heart
"What we see and what we hear from mainstream media is shaped by all kinds of overt and covert agendas. Even what looks obvious and what seems sensible is often designed to manipulate our consciousness at various levels. I invite you to question everything you are told, even what you are led to think apparently by yourself, and this includes this very message. The urgent and acute need for help in Ayiti and the global response of solidarity it is producing are not exempt from manipulation and deception.

This is a golden opportunity to sharpen our heart intelligence and to tap into the global readiness for genuine respect, dignity, sustainability, interconnectedness, relationships and love, which the Ayitian people are currently expressing on behalf of humanity as a whole. We will access this collective knowing from the depths of our individual heart-mind-spirit (not from mainstream media) by nurturing our heart powered processes of thought, speech and action through prayer, meditation, self investigation and healing, humility, support and service to others, pure intention and recognizing our genuine intuition from our mental addictive habits.

When we learn to listen to our global heart through the vibrations of our "individual" heart, we evolve to a higher individual and collective frequency and consciousness. Then we understand the utmost sacredness of the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the extreme pain and suffering of millions through sudden massive tragedies such as the recent one in Ayiti, or others that will come, until we absorb the lessons and the wisdom they are teaching us." - Rev. Djaloki

I invite you to celebrate Black History Month with hip hop namaste as together we surf the collective wave of transformation. And if you feel moved please do participate in the prayer circle that prompted this debut 2010 blog post from hip hop namaste. For the next two weeks to a month we will be gathering together each night via Skype to engage in the dance of the heart. Please join us in this paradigm shift of the collective power of the heart. To gain a more intimate view into the after math of the earthquake in Ayaiti (Haiti) please check out wisdom circle ministries web blog for up to date information from Djaloki who is a survivor of the earthquake and a dear friend.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

transformative grace

Here I am Sunday morning with a bit of a headache from some exuberant celebrating with the BGI C4 and C6 Alumni last night and I decided to capture history. Right here, right now by live blogging from my final social media class giving the coursework and my classmates a collective good bye hug and kiss as we wrap for the Fall quarter 2009 at Bainbridge Graduate Institute. I thought it would be appropriate to share some of our closing thoughts about using the social web for social change class. I think we all feel empowered to express ourselves and our developing change agent rebel yell with the personal branding exercise that was ultimately represented in each of our respective blogs and sustainability topics. The branding exercise was sheer power, after all we are going to be marketing ourselves for life. Hip hop namaste would not exist without the creative outlet the class has provided for me to live my authentic self out loud on my journey to peace. And by the way we made a kick ass video in 3.5 hours yesterday check it out, social media for social change video Fall 2009.

Noteworthy Quotes
"cloud jedi" - Gifford Pinchot III
"when in doubt live blog it" - Three Grooves
"Social media FBI surveillance for Black Friday" - Melissa Dingmon
"A brown woman leading three white men"-browngirlgoesgreen

To close today my creativity and right lively hood has been awakened and continues to elevate and here is an impromptu piece of art, sustainability, and consciousness that came out of my creativity and right lively hood presentation. My trust and the bonds cemented through sharing with my BGI family is helping me to transmute darkness into light. Free.

transformative grace
impromptu power of beingness
multiple intelligences reach up
to the light
grounding into the darkness of the womb