Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Nothing Day

So far my buy nothing day has been great and celebrated it from midnight until 5 am this morning at my friend's house Erin and Christian Behr my ambassadors of hope for Haiti. Not only are they my favorite couple to stay up late night with they are amazingly fun and I can even lurk in the corner at their house with my ever present computer typing away on some damn grad school paper AND socialize. Serious multitasking I know. I am so looking forward to Christmas break. Anyhow we had wonderful conversation filled with ideas of how we pledge to buy nothing today and even deeper conversations about how we are going to unite in one force field of change fueled by Haitian art furthering my vision of the contribution of creativity and culture. Our future together is so damn bright I am still blinking from the brilliance of possibility. Love infinite. In the next several days video footage and photos should be coming in from the Eat, Drink, and Save the World crew. And please keep checking back to this blog and our web site to see the progression. Feedback always welcomed and encouraged.

art. consciousness. sustainability. namaste.

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