Sunday, November 1, 2009


The era of slavery lives deep inside of me. A heritage inherited through the color of my skin and the kink in my hair. Sometimes after a particularly hard or bad day I still look at myself through the eyes of those that hate me. Poor black girl sums up my experience of growing up in Arizona. The state with it’s claim to fame by reluctantly voting in a Martin Luther King Day due to the uber conservative vein reflecting the values of the “white male with money” type political influence. I went to schools with their children my mother understanding the value of education made sure that I got a good one. My psyche albeit bruised and scarred yet intact was a breeding grounding for an anger that continues to burn white hot. I silently seethe with a restlessness.

Deadened to the daily scandal of corporate greed and economic hit men bringing me to my knees. Watch, my heart it bleeds red, white, and blue. Encapsulated in a grief this is NOT a story about a ghetto child overcoming the challenges of the “streets”. This is not another story about how being black and having an intimate relationship with poverty has ruined my life. This is the story of my life. Overcoming cultural stigmas to achieve.

No I am not the smartest or the brightest. I am SustainAbility, a concept I have conceptualized as becoming a pioneer delving into the inner landscapes rearranging my internal landscapes tending the garden inside my mind, body, heart, and soul. Building a bridge from the inner depths of the earths core to the stars of the galaxy about my head. Somewhere in between is the beautiful awe inspiring planet mother earth. Future goals for completion of Bainbridge Graduate Institute education makes my heart radiate and race with an enthusiasm and passion for achieving my goals that are born in the center of my mind’s third eye. Now that the physical chains of slavery have been removed the mental ones remain and that is where SustainAbility was discovered. I'm trying to "shake free from the chains" one of my most favorite lines from Brother Ali title track Us. Sang it brother. And I shall lift my head until it strikes the stars. - Horace

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  1. Mauri,
    Your beautiful soul and brave spirit fill me as I read your words. I love the vision of you as a pioneer, "delving into the inner landscapes rearranging my internal landscapes tending the garden inside my mind, body, heart, and soul."
    I invite you to look at yourself through the eyes of those who love you. Today, and every day.