Saturday, November 14, 2009


The duality in meaning and juxtaposition of reasoning is just another reflection within the kaleidoscope of possibility that rotates in front of me. Constantly shifting yet staying the same with the stunning beauty of creating new shapes and patterns with the glee of a child. On the bus to channel rock Taj Johns a brilliant woman with a voice of liquid sunshine told a story about multi-perspectives. After reflecting upon the parable about a seal that was the first time that I considered it could be okay to actually hold darkness and light at once, instead of just merely vacillating between the two. Throughout my journey to peace all these 32 years of my life so far, I always observed the duality in the natural world and of the emotion of man. Comedy. Tragedy. And the struggle it brings.

execute: ex.e.cute

To put to death
To make or produce (as a work of art) especially by carrying out a design

And this is exactly what I plan to do. Integration of opposition.

It is just since Sunday morning BGI closing circle that I have felt this amazing sense of peace that is settling over my skin like the silent snowfall that glitters efeferesenctly back up to the artic heavens of my home in Girdwood, AK. I choose to savor this and go forward holding the sacred feeling near, the seat of source within my solar plexus that shines as bright as the sun. Holding space amongst chaos. Thriving with the most intense duality of the pressure cooker of modern times. Those within my sphere of influence congregate into a force field of change agents emanating light, the tipping point slides near.

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  1. Powerful emotions roll through your post, thank you for sharing. Have found order within chaos? It seems when you tune into duality and balance, both sides become visible and blend.